The moulds are made of silica sand of high purity.

The grain size and size distribution of this critical raw material is monitored during all supplies.

The mixed sand that is supplied for making moulds is tested at regular intervals.

The quality of moulds made is also routinely checked before they are closed and sent for pouring.

Hand moulding to make up to 3000 kg single piece castings.

Electric hoists to handle moulding boxes before after moulding and also moulding bed during maintenance.

Mould cars, track lines, pneumatic pushers.

CO2 silicate and no bake processes for cores


Suitable materials are used to melt different grades of casting in the medium frequency core-less induction furnace. The chemistry of the molten metal is checked before pouring the castings. Pouring temperature and pouring speed of individual items are monitored to ensure consistently high quality of castings.

Induction furnaces 750KW with three crucibles (3Ton,1.5 ton,500 kg).


We have

  • 3 ton bottom pouring ladle-1 no
  • 1.5 ton bottom pouring ladle-1 no
  • 500kg bottom pouring ladle-1 no

test 3

All patterns and core - boxes are inspected and corrected if required, before being released for production of moulds and cores. New patterns and core - boxes are checked for dimensions and methoding. Repairing facilities for wooden, aluminium, casting patterns and core - boxes are available in - house.

Continuous improvement in the areas of casting yield and cost reduction are carried out regularly.

Facilities for inspection, repair and mounting of patterns on match plates.

Marking table for dimensional inspection of patterns, core boxes and castings.

Methoding, mounting patterns and fixing gating risering on match plates.

test 4

1.  5 ton Gas fired furnace (size-2740*1620mm).

2.  4 ton Electric heat treatment furnace (size-2640*1400mm).

3.  Quenching tank capacity is 1.5 lakhs litre (9800*4900*3700mm)    with water agitation process.

4. We have in-house shot blast machine (capacity 1.5 ton &size        2000*1630 mm).

5. In-house welding, fettling, pneumatic chippers are available.

6. E.O.T cranes available for hauling the castings.

7. 10 ton E.O.T - 3 No's.

8. 3 ton E.O.T - 4 No's.


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