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Established in 2016 Sri Venkatranga Alloys Pvt Ltd is one of the Manufacturer and Supply of Carbon Steel, Manganese Steel and Stainless steel casting in Various Material Specification Standards Situated in Coimbatore (South India). We have expanded over the years and are optimistic in becoming a Global leader in the Industry. The high standards of quality demanded by our customers and the diverse range of products require extensive quality control. We meet our customer's demands for better and uniform quality castings through our own carefully formulated work practices and rigorous implementation of the process and casting quality monitoring controls executed by our highly experienced and committed technical team.

Team Working Dedicate

We have 9+ years of experience with providing wide area of specialty services work listed below

Our vision and Mission

Our vision is to be one of the largest producers of quality castings by favorable utilization of resources, providing more value to the users, and in turn contributing to the society and the environment


Our motto is to become a one-stop-shop for all your casting needs, and be it a small order or a large one, we shall always be there for you.

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